Fundraising and COVID-19: Important Information

If you are considering holding a fundraising event in aid of Tiny Lives soon, first of all thank you!

In the current circumstances, there are important rules and restrictions to consider when planning your fundraising – these are to keep you and the public safe. Please note the guidance below when planning a fundraising event.

  •  We ask that supporters complete one of our Fundraising Registration Form when organising a fundraiser. This form will need to include full contact details of the event host and details of the event, just for our records.


  • Make sure you check the current restrictions on meeting up before hosting your event. There may be restrictions on group size, where you can meet up and new social distancing guidelines. You can find the latest information on and on the Fundraising Regulator site.


  • Consider vulnerable people when planning any fundraising. Anyone in your social circle/guest list who may be considered vulnerable (elderly, or with a pre-existing health conditions) should NOT be attending any fundraising events.


  • Can you make your event virtual? Consider utilising Zoom, Facetime or Teams to host quizzes/bingo/comedy nights, or complete your challenge alone and upload a video to social channels to encourage awareness and donations. Any steps that reduce the number of people you come into contact with during your fundraiser will make a huge difference in ensuring the event is safe and responsible.


  • We strongly advise that you compile a comprehensive attendee list for your event, including full names and contact numbers. This will allow for ‘Track and Trace’ procedure should someone who attended later test positive for COVID-19.


  • We may ask for a risk assessment for your event. This will allow us to see that the event abides by COVID regulations and will help you in planning a safe and responsible event. You can find risk assessment templates and further advice here.


If you have any further questions or would just like to chat about your plans with a member of the Tiny Lives team, please email and we will be more than happy to help.

Thank you!